Family Home Budget

Family Home Budget 9.5

A planner for calculating your family budget with the help of spreadsheets
9.5 (See all)
Bottomline Budget

The key to any successful home budget is goal planning, and then having a plan to reach them. The family spreadsheets offers you 12 Tabs, one for each month of the year in which to plan your goals. Each month is then broken down into three sections.
- Income - Up to 3 different types
- Expenses - What ever you want, and in the order you want to see them
- Summary: All of the calculations being done for you and more.
- A user-friendly family spreadsheets allows for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even sporadic incomes.
- Just simply write the names of your planed expenses along the left hand side; writing those expenses in the order in which you would like to see them appear. Then, just enter the amount for each bill in the "Week Ending" column to the right of each name.
- This section of your home budget breaks down each week to show your total income, total expenses, total savings, and more. The summary section also allows for the adjusting of your spreadsheet as to match your bank balance.

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